Tiny-Ass Walkthroughs: Pokémon Mauve

(Int: Wacky House)

A Professor

Catch them all! Here's one to get you started.

(Ext: A Fight)

Ash, or Ass, or whatever you named him

Go, schlumpazoid!

Some unidentifiable animal

Glorp! I kill!

{repeat 600,000 times}


I have now caught them all.

(Int: Corporate Office)


That's what you think. Prepare yourself for Pokémon Taupe! And Pokémon Puce! And you'll need the Mintaricon that can only be found in Pokémon Plaid to get the Ultimate Flimpander! Fwahahahaha!


Hey, why am I being allowed to handle dangerous animals, anyway? I'm only twelve!


Quiet, you.

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